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AIS "Does Size Really Matter" Ad featured in Monday Morning Quarterback

Click here to read more about how AIS' launch of the first web based commercial in the industry was hailed by Monday Morning Quarterback as a sign of leading marketing insight. The big companies are losing sight of what really matters to customers.

Small Firm Acheives Major Gains Despite It's Limited Resources

For a small company, Shingo Prize-winner Affordable Interior Systems spends considerable time and effort on training its employees in lean manufacturing and on sustaining lean initiatives.

Every worker attends at least one level of training, and often more, through what the company calls AIS University. Employees are constantly learning more about continuous improvement through internal audits and error testing. Lean behavior is reinforced through gift certificates as well as public recognition. And AIS employs a full-time director of lean programs, a rarity at small businesses.


MSI - Information Technology for Manufacturing Executives: Shingo Prize just a start for this VP of manufacturing.

"The choice is simple: you embrace lean manufacturing, or in five years you probably won't be manufacturing in the U.S., " says Steve Savage, VP of manufacturing at Affordable Interior Systems (AIS) and the driving force behind its embrace of lean manufacturing principles. Read more...

Hudson Manufacturer Grows the Lean Way

That cubicle you're sitting in may be an award winner - if it was built by Affordable Interior Systems Inc. (AIS).

The Hudson company recently won the prestigious Shingo Prize, which has been called the Nobel Price of manufacturing by Business Week. Read more...'s Road to Excellence

IndustryWeek's 2003 Best Plants Finalists' journey to world-class follows disciplined approach and resources dedicated to improvement. Read more...

AIS 2003 Shingo Prize Recipient

AIS was awarded the Shingo Prize for Excellence in Manufacturing in May 2003. AIS is the only small business manufacturer of its kind in the furniture industry to be a recipient of the Shingo Prize. Read more...

AIS rewarded for its lean to excellence

View a detailed article on AIS winning the Shingo Prize, published in the Telegram Gazette, MA, on Sunday, March 23, 2003. Click here to read more.

Lean Manufacturers Recognized for Excellence

Dubbed the "Nobel prize of Manufacturing" by Business Week, the Shingo Prize for Excellence in Manufacturing announced today a record number of applicants and finalists. The Shingo Prize has experiences a 133 percent increase in applications over the last three years leading to 25 finalists and 15 recipients (winners) for 2003. Read more...